Being a member of the HOESCH Group, HOESCH Metals and Alloys is one of the leading suppliers of high quality, primary aluminium based master alloys. Besides master alloys, HOESCH Metals and Alloys offers pure metals like magnesium, silicon, manganese, copper, titanium, etc. which are widely used in the light metal industry (especially magnesium and aluminium) as well in the heavy metal industry (copper, iron, steel).

HOESCH Metals and Alloys provides a professional world-wide operating raw material sourcing and metal management team. We are committed to supply tailor-made solutions at short term deliveries.

Our customers benefit from:

HOESCH Metals and Alloys guarantees a steady improvement of production and processes to comply with our environmental responsibility. The quality of our metals and master alloys is carefully monitored and ensured through our quality department according to the regulations of ISO 9001.