Requirements for aluminium and aluminium based materials regarding overall quality and costs are continuously increasing. This means intense, regular analyses and continuous improvement of individual processes and evidence to meet all quality targets.

Especially the process parameters as temperature control, alloying practice, flux and cleaning treatments bear optimization potential for improvement of melt quality. Detrimental elements like hydrogen and non-metallic inclusions are source of quality problems and increased rejection rates.

The implementation and use of appropriate measuring devices like PoDFA, Prefil ® and AlSCANTM result in detailed knowledge about the quality along the casting processes. This process quality map is a base for further improvements of process parameters like degassing, filtration, grain refining and modification. Also permanent quality control can be achieved by use of the mentioned devices.

HOESCH Metallurgie offers its customers metallurgical service by carrying out measurements on site with our engineers and application of laboratory based methods, where metallographic examinations are done by our own metallographers, e.g. in accordance to the PoDFA Method.

Measurement Service

  • Inclusion Measurements (ON-Site)
    • LiMCA CM
    • Prefil®
    • PoDFA
  • Hydrogen Measurements (ON-Site)
    • AlSCANTM
    • Rental of Equipment
    • Etc.

Consulting and technical Solution
(If necessary together with external partners)

  • Process Optimization
  • Quality Mapping
  • Etc.

Alloy Characterisation
  • Shrinkage, Slumping
  • Fluidity
  • Hot Tearing
  • Etc

This method can be applied to Al and Al-Alloys as well as Mg and Mg-alloys. For Mg / Mg-alloys HOESCH has developed a special method for remelting and filtration of ingots under protective gas and set up an inclusion catalogue for those materials. This offers you a new unique possibility e.g. to check your Mg suppliers with regard to the inclusion content.

The procedure in brief is as follows:

(by customer)

  • Sending samples to the HOESCH Laboratory
  • Remelting of Samples in Induction Furnace under Controlled Conditions
  • Prefil® Testing
  • Metallographic Analysis (according to the PoDFA Method)
    of Prefil®-Samples

Evaluation of Test Results
(in form of a detailed report)


Training in Use of
AlSCANTM, Prefil® und PoDFA-f Systems

  • at Customer ́s site
  • at HOESCH Laboratory


Alloy Characterisation

  • Shrinkage, Slumping
  • Fluidity
  • Hot Tearing
  • Etc.

Element analysis (O, C, N, S)

Further information on request


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Repair, Maintenance and Calibration
(AlSCANTM, Prefil®, PoDFA-f)

Sale of Spare Parts

Sale of Consumables

  • Also for LiMCA CM

Technical Support
Please contact us for a more detailed description of the procedure and / or discussion of your inquiry.