Since decades HOESCH develops melt treatment products under the brand name DURSALIT® for light and heavy metals.
DURSALIT® products are successfully applied for covering, refining, gassing, degassing, grain refining, modification and dross treatment.

DURSALIT® products are globally used for light metal smelting, semi-fabrication and remelting as well as die casting.

Besides light metal, HOESCH offers an exclusive range of DURSALIT® melt treatment products for heavy metal casting.

HOESCH DURSALIT® products are preferably used due to its easy, clean and safe application. When developing these products, HOESCH keeps the primary focus on fast and reliable effect, advantageous price-performance ratio as well as high environmental compatibility.

The wide range of HOESCH DURSALIT® melt treatment products offers our customers tailor-made solutions for improvement of casting quality at best commercial benefits.